Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Open Source Replacements

A friend shared this link with me: 56 Open Source Replacements for Popular Web Development and Design Tools by Datamation. It's an interesting read. Geared for the web developer, there's some neat stuff in there for general users, too.

And best of all, the list breaks down the platforms supported by each tool. So you don't have to be a Linux fan to benefit from the open source goodness.

Some of the picks are pretty obvious, ones you could guess would be there. Let me share a few:
  • Wordpress and Movable Type for blogging
  • Firefox and Chromium for web browsers
  • Media Wiki for collaboration
  • MySQL and PostgreSQL for databases
  • GIMP and Inkscape for graphics
  • Apache/Tomcat for web servers
  • Eclipse for web development
If you've been around an open source environment for very long, these should be very recognizable names. Some may argue the feature-for-feature comparisons between, say, GIMP and Photoshop don't really stack up. But these are all very powerful tools that have certainly made their mark.