Thursday, September 16, 2010

Linux in Exile is not dead

My last post on Linux in Exile was 2 months ago. You may have wondered if the blog died out, maybe I stopped writing new entries. It hasn't, and I haven't. However, my activity was necessarily "paused" while some important events happened

I have moved on to a new organization.

What with interviewing, transitioning my old role to someone else, moving out of the old house, relocating the family to a new city, settling into the new home, and starting my new role at a new organization - Linux in Exile dropped in priority a bit. But I'm back.

However, things have changed slightly.

What would you call the senior-most IT officer at a "satellite" location, with lines of authority back to (but not reporting to) the Chief Information Officer? Different organizations refer to this position in different terms: "CTO", "Assistant CIO", "IT Director", etc. However you'd refer to that position title, that's me in this organization. I manage my own IT staff, and direct the IT strategy for this organization.

I also set IT policy for this location. We're a fairly independent branch, effectively our own shop. The "lines of authority" to the CIO basically are there to effect organization-wide IT decisions, but otherwise the IT strategy here is my responsibility.

People running Linux on the desktop is part of the culture, here. Looking across the organization, Linux is definitely part of the desktop IT ecosystem. So it's no surprise that as soon as I arrived, I installed Linux on my laptop - dual-boot with Windows 7. Finally, I'm running Linux at work again, rarely booting into Windows. So I guess you could say that I'm no longer "Linux in Exile", the original reason for starting this blog.

However, I do plan to keep writing new blog entries. I'm dual-boot with Windows 7, so I still notice lots of things in Windows that just seem out of place from Linux. And I intend to keep writing about them.

Expect more updates from me very soon. Please be patient if new posts aren't exactly timely. I'll try to get back on a schedule, but blogging may be erratic until I'm truly settled in.

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