Thursday, April 29, 2010

GNOME Shell preview

I mentioned earlier that GNOME 2.30 includes a preview of the upcoming GNOME Shell. To get this working under Fedora 13beta is very simple: you just select the GNOME Shell package via the standard "Add/Remove Software".

Since it's intended as a preview, not as a standard desktop replacement, you need to run this manually from GNOME (via a terminal window, for example.) I've experimented with it, and I like what I have seen, so far.

The GNOME project has screenshots, and a few videos, showing the new GNOME Shell in action. The version that I have is pretty close to these; the screenshots and videos are up to a year old now.

The GNOME Shell will be part of the standard desktop when GNOME 3 is eventually released, currently scheduled for September 2010.


  1. How will this affect emacs?

  2. I assume you're making an "emacs is a great operating system, if only they'd add an editor" joke. :-)

    Actually, I have very fond memories of using emacs, going all the way back to university. When I used to do programming, for example, I did it all in emacs.

    Recently I developed a new interest in contributing code to open source software projects again, so I happened to install the GNU emacs package on Fedora 13beta. [As always: via the standard "Add/Remove Software".] I'd also installed it on Fedora 12.

    The new GNU emacs is really nice. Compared to what I saw even as recently in Fedora 12, they finally have fonts looking great, by default, no tweaking required.

    And because it was GNU emacs, it was as if my fingers remembered the keystrokes to open a file, save, ask for new modes, etc. Wow, that muscle memory is strong.


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