Friday, February 5, 2010

Why can't I print?

I am stymied why Windows occasionally decides I should not be able to print anything. This is really getting in the way of my work!

Previously, I'd discovered that if my USB printer was connected but turned off, Windows would decide my network printer was "offline" (despite it still being usable by others.) I reported I'd "have to unplug the USB cable to the local printer until I get a new ink cartridge." That didn't solve my problem. But I eventually got a new ink cartridge from our desktop support folks.

At random intervals, Windows just decides the network printer definition is "offline". That is happening to me right now. I tried to print out a (long) document to our network printer, but Windows tells me the printer is "offline". Maybe it's just Office? I convert the file to PDF, then try printing from Adobe's PDF viewer. Same problem, Windows says the network printer is "offline".

The network printer is just outside my office, and as I write this someone from two cubes down from me just sent a job to the network printer, and picked it up. But I'm not able to print.

I guess I'll have to have someone else print that document for my meeting today.

Even our desktop support is confused by this. Please help me. What "fix" can I do to get Windows to let me print to the network printer?


  1. This is stupid, I'm tired of randomly not being able to print large docs to the network laser printer, just because Windows gets confused about having a local printer. I don't know why Windows does that, and our desktop support team doesn't have any answers. I've just deleted my USB printer definition, and unplugged the cable. I'll reconnect the local printer later.

    Yes, Windows has (essentially) forced me to disable a physical device to get it (Windows) to do basic things like printing to a network printer. I am beyond angry and frustrated.

  2. I asked my brother what it took to get Visdud printing (though the problem was not intermittent printing - it wouldn't print at all). The solution: Turn off User Access Control (what the manufacturer recommended) - and it worked. Only Microsoft would know why ...


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