Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fedora 12 is out

Fedora 12 is now available!! Get it here.

There are some new features in this release, but mostly it's improvements like better graphics support, performance, NetworkManager, OpenBroadcom. For details, see the documentation, or just read the 1-page overview. Also check the list of known bugs if you think you've found a problem - but these should be weird "edge" cases.

I figure I'll probably wait until next week to install Fedora 12 (while I'm away for Thanksgiving) so expect a mini-review then.


  1. Before anyone comments on it, F12 changed how users can install packages. In F11 and earlier releases, users needed the root passwd to install packages. In F11 for example, PackageKit prompted you for root's password (as a GUI).

    But in F12, they've changed it. Still not clear why this was a good idea to someone - but IN THE DESKTOP VERSION ONLY general users can install any SIGNED package without root's password.

    If you don't like this behavior, it's a simple ONE-LINE FIX to change it back:

    pklalockdown --lockdown org.freedesktop.packagekit.package-install

  2. Oops, looks like that command is going away. They'd rather you edit a conf file. Better notes here:

  3. And the Fedora guys have changed this officially now:

    IMO, it was very wise to change this back.


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