Sunday, August 23, 2009

Bing Fail

I needed to look up some anti-Linux comments (specifically, about Linux's user interface) as a reference for a new Linux in Exile post. I went to the best search engine for pro-Microsoft anti-Linux stuff - Microsoft's Bing. Because you can google with Bing.

Unfortunately, I got completely distracted by a Bing Fail, so I never wrote the post. Next week, I promise.

I don't know if you've used Bing, but they like to load a random image as a background, then highlight certain areas as clickable notes that reveal themselves when you mouse over each one (think "comments" in Flickr.) Today, I got a panda: (click to see larger version)

Why they highlighted the eye in reference to the panda's wrist bone continues to baffle me. Note to Microsoft: the panda's wrist is that thing below his head in the photo, the one with the paw attached to it. Had to share.


  1. WTF? Yet more proof that there is never a shortage of truly stupid and useless ideas - way to go MS!

  2. Clearly, the code was set up for a photo of a much larger panda, but then marketing found a 'cute widdle panda-wanda' to use instead.

  3. What, you're expecting Microsoft to be experts in panda anatomy now? :-)

    I kid; that's pretty funny.

    (BTW, anyone else have problems with things like arrow keys, home/end, and pasting not working in the text box here? It used to work for me, but then stopped a few weeks ago. It only fails in Firefox (but does so with FF on both Linux and Windows); Opera (again on Windows and Linux I'm pretty sure) works, as does IE.


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