Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I love Microsoft Word

The Microsoft Office 2007 suite in general, and Microsoft Word in particular, is the subject of a long-standing love/hate relationship of mine.

Case in point: I had opened a few Word documents, to catch up on some technical design plans our IT staff had submitted to me. I had 3 files open, plus an extra window with an empty document. When I was done reading the documents, I clicked the Office logo, then "Exit Word".

Imagine my amusement when I got an error message that "Microsoft Word has quit unexpectedly". Then Word let me know it was trying to find a "solution" to my "problem". The "problem" was that I tried to exit Word. So it should be of little surprise that Word has quit. That's what I was trying to do.


  1. Probably not a problem with Word, per-se. Actually, I suspect this was a problem with Windows, and something closed without Windows keeping track of it. So it barfed.

    I'm often amused by the messages Windows gives me.

  2. That's a reasonable guess... another possibility is that Word somehow crashed while closing. I forget what the typical error message is for a crashed program (I have a JIT debugger installed now, so I don't see that dialog when it happens), but I think it might be that.

  3. It's even better when Explorer quits unexpectedly and it asks if you would like Windows to contact the vendor to find a solution.

  4. "Error: The operation completed successfully"

  5. Word always was, and always will be a horrible travesty of a product, second only to MS works.


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