Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boot takes too long

I haven't timed it, but Windows takes forever to boot up. When I used to run Linux, I had tweaked my system to not start unused services like sshd, nfs, rpc, and so on. My Linux system always booted very quickly, from a cold boot to login prompt. But on Windows, it takes a very long time. And Windows isn't done once I get the login prompt - launching Firefox takes a while, too. Since I use the web browser for my work email, that's a long wait before I can start work in the morning.

My wife still runs a Linux laptop at home, and when I upgraded her system to Fedora 10, I opted not to remove the extra services from the boot process. This was mostly because I was being lazy, but partially because I wanted to see how quickly a "vanilla" Fedora 10 system would boot. Her laptop is about 2 years older than the Windows laptop I'm running, and hers boots in far less time.

I think I'll have to run a side-by-side test to compare how long it takes my wife's old laptop and my newer Windows laptop to boot, login, run Firefox, and bring up a web page. It should be very interesting. I'll post the results here.


  1. Yeah, there is nothing like turning on your PC, walking around your office floor for 10 minutes and come back just in time to get the login screen....

  2. My windows installation boots faster than my linux one. Then again, I bothered to disabled all the processes & startup services that it didn't need. Why don't you try doing this? You already did it for your old linux distro.

  3. There are 2 reasons I haven't tried to do this on Windows:

    1. I wouldn't expect a newbie Linux user to be able to modify startup processes, so why should anyone expect this newbie Windows user to disable startup services on Windows? I honestly don't know how to turn off these services under Windows. A general user shouldn't be expected to know how to do that, anyway.

    2. I'm using a work-provided laptop, and they have it running in a pretty much default mode. It's also locked down so I can't change any of the system settings, such as disabling startup processes. So I couldn't do it, even if I knew how.

  4. Yeah, corporate Windows takes forever to load.


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