Thursday, February 5, 2009

What are you doing?

One thing that continues to annoy me in Windows is that I don't know when I've launched a program or opened a document, or merely selected it.

Under Linux, if you launch an application, a helpful item appears in in your program list (what you might call the "start bar" in Windows) that says "starting Firefox web browser.." You get the same thing if you double-click on a Word document, and get "starting OpenOffice Writer.."

In Windows, I'm always wondering if I've started an application or opened a document. Windows just doesn't tell me anything. Did I really launch Firefox, or merely single-click the desktop icon? Did I really double-click on that document, or just select it?

I've "learned" to do one of two things:

  1. Open Firefox, then look away. It might take a minute or so for the application to open, but it's almost a "watched pot" maxim. If I don't pay attention to how long the application takes to start, I might not notice it as much.
  2. Select a document in Windows Explorer, then use the Enter key to open the document. Then there's no wondering if I opened it - but it still takes a while for Office to open.

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  1. Bring up Task Manager and minimise. You now have a CPU monitor in your system tray. Start an app and you'll see CPU activity as it gets its stuff together.


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